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Foot  Reflexology

We use special thumb and finger techniques to work on small areas, or reflexes on the feet.  These reflex areas are connected to different part of the body, so that in working overall the reflexes on the feet you are in fact affecting the entire body.  The main benefit of reflexology is relaxation, but it also improves the blood supply and the functioning of nerve impulses.

Treatment Rates

30 mins   $ 35

60 mins   $ 70

90 mins   $ 105

120 mins   $ 140






Traditional Thai Massage

Aroma Oil Thai Massage

Thai Herbal Massage

Prenatal Thai Massage

Thai Foot Reflexology

Signature Thai Massage

Combination Thai Massage







Open daily 10 am.  Last appointment 8:30 pm.
Same day appointments are available.  walk-ins are welcome.
1617 Polk St   San Francisco, CA 94109